Ansani Designs' Chevy Auxiliary Light Bumper

Ansani Designs’ Unique Chevy Pickup Auxiliary Light Bumper

Contractors and landscapers appreciate all the light they can get when the days get short and work hours get long. Ansani Designs’ new bumper helps aftermarket lights blend into the pickup’s exterior design.


Chevy Light Bumper by Ansani Design


Tempe, AZ: Ansani Designs offers a functional and stylish replacement front bumper for 2007-current Chevy Silverado pickups. This composite bumper has molded-in mounting pods for three 8-inch-diameter diameter lights.

The Ansani Designs bumper is a direct replacement for the factory metal model, mounting in the stock location using the OE hardware. Because the bumper uses the factory mounts, it’s compatible with many aftermarket brushguards and grilleguards.

The bumper’s main advantage: It’s a clean way to add three driving lights. The mounting pods are formed for 8-inch KC Rally 800 lamps, available separately. KC offers these lights in long-range and pencil-beam patterns with a choice of either 130-watt H3 halogen bulbs or ultra-bright 50-watt HIDs. Lenses are Lexan, and stainless steel housings are available in polished and black finidhes.

Ansani Designs’ manufacturing process yields significant weight savings. The bumpers are made in Arizona using uni-directional fiberglass and polyester resin. This creates a rigid bumper that’s almost 50% lighter than the stock steel bumper.

Finish is a primer-ready gelcoat. Ansani Designs’ attention to detail includes three-finished-sides manufacturing and crisp lines that make the bumper look more like a factory option than an aftermarket accessory. Typical installation time (excluding paint and light wiring) is about two hours.

Other applications are offered for 2003-07 Silverado 2500HD, 2008-09 Super Duty and 2007-current Tundra. Fiberglass Jeep hoods are also available.

For more information, please contact Ansani Designs, 480-584-6292, [email protected],