Eastwood Aerosol Injected System

Eastwood Company launches its Aerosol Injected System

Eastwood Aerosol Injected Systerm Cleaner Lubricator

The Eastwood Company today launched its patent-pending and award winning* Aerosol Injected System.  These two innovative products meet the needs and demands of home shop DIY’ers, industry and professionals.

The two Eastwood Aerosol Injected products include a specially formulated lubricant and cleaner, each designed to work in conjunction with the engineered tapered nozzles.  The specialized two-piece injection nozzles allow the formulas to penetrate deep into tubing, recesses and fluid paths without spraying back at the user.  Both products feature a 360° aerosol can that allows application at any angle.  Ideal for paint guns, brake tubing, fuel systems and pneumatic tools, among many other applications.

Eastwood’s Aerosol Injected System’s two-piece design gives users the option to customize each application and allows insertion with and without the 3” extension.

“The nozzle’s patent-pending taper, when inserted into the target opening, creates a tight seal, ensuring a focused and concentrated blast of pressurized spray without any ‘blow back’ at the user,” said John “JR” Robinson, designer of the Aerosol Injected System and Eastwood Product Manager. “The blast is initiated when the user pushes gently on the back of the aerosol can.”

When the job is complete, the 3” Injector Nozzle Extension has a unique locking tab that attaches to the side of the can for storage.

The new Aerosol Injected Cleaner formula can be used for general purposes at home, industry and in the garage.  It cleans paint guns,  brake lines, transmission lines, fuel lines, engine cylinders, air intake systems, carburetors and brake calipers exceptionally well.  The Aerosol Injected Lubricator Formula is great for automotive, industrial, marine, power sports and lawn and garden applications, as well as engine fogging and general purpose lubrication. Both the Eastwood Injected Cleaner and Lubricator formulations are 50 state compliant and meet federal VOC and MIR regulations.