Bouy rope

BouyRope eases docking pains

Docking a boat is one of the  hardest aspects of boating for the new or inexperienced boat owner.

It is often compared to parallel parking a car;  the first few times you do it, it may take a few minutes of trial and error until you get it right.

Introducing BuoyRope! It’s the only quick docking line that enables you to set your boat fender at the perfect height and secure it to the dock at the same time.

It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

The BouyRope’s five-foot, fully adjustable fender holder  is perfect for sport boats and personal watercraft.

When you are not using the BuoyRope™ as a revolutionary docking, simply remove the fender and use it as a “tie down” to secure inflatables, coolers,  fishing poles, life jackets or other important boating gear.

Makes for a great clothesline as well.

The BuoyRope comes in pacific blue, black, yellow or red with white banding and  comes equipped with one stainless steel double gated LoopClip.