Propane Gas Act extended 5 more years

by Todd Mouw
Vice President of Sales & Marketing
ROUSH Clean Tech

The Propane GAS Act provides this country the tools needed to reduce emissions and steer away from the use of foreign fuels.

Currently, Congress holds all the power as to whether or not the bill will be passed.

This piece of legislation would extend the federal alternative tax credits for an additional five years for:

  • Propane autogas fuel ($.50 / gallon)
  • Propane autogas vehicles (50% – 80% off the incremental cost)
  • Propane autogas refueling equipment (30% up to $30,000)

The Propane GAS Act offers significant economic growth, environmental and energy security benefits to the American economy. Keep in mind that you do not need to own a large fleet in order to reap the benefits of propane autogas. Find out ways in which you can help make sure this act is passed by Congress by visiting our website.

Click here to learn more about the Propane GAS Act.