All-In-one towing system

Convertible hitch system; Valley all-in-one serves both 5th Wheel and Gooseneck Trailers

Valley's 5th wheel and gooseneck Under-bed System (UBS).

Valley’s Under-bed System (UBS) is a complete all-in-one hitch system for heavy duty towing.

Featuring completely Under-Bed mounting, the design conceals all the installation components while protecting the truck bed and leaving it free for other uses when not towing.

This system is ideal for contractors and landscapers with both 5th wheel and gooseneck hitch trailers.

•Hitch attaches directly to the cross members mounted under the bed to vehicle frame

•5th Wheel, Glider, and Gooseneck are interchangeable

•Hitches do not touch the bed

•Works with all types of bed liners

•5 year limited warranty

•Full use of bed when hitch is removed

•Unique patented Scissor Clamps securely attach hitch to mounting brackets

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