Master-Pull Super Yanker

Master-Pull Super Yanker

Master-Pull recovery kit

For most contractors, it’s not a matter of if you’ll get stuck but when. Whether it’s your pickup when you are checking out a road build or job site, or a piece of equipment that ventured onto saturated soil, getting out is now at the top of your to do list.

Kinetic recovery ropes are changing the way vehicles and machinery are being recovered. For many years static tow straps and chains have been the go to pieces of equipment when trucks and heavy duty machinery get stuck.

Master-Pull Recovery Gear has been supplying off-road enthusiasts and the military with high quality synthetic ropes, including the kinetic recovery rope or Super Yanker for over a decade.

The Super Yanker is comprised of high strength nylon double braid rope that stretches up to 30% when properly used. Kinetic energy generated by pulling on the rope helps aid in recovery and reduces the jerking feeling felt by occupants.

Master-Pull Super Yankers come in sizes appropriate for every vehicle, from ATV’s to heavy construction equipment. For more information visit, or find us on Facebook to view videos of the ropes in use.