Cool-X Nanofluid

Super gear-oil coolant; Cool-X Nanofluid

Cool-X LLC innovative flagship product, Cool-X® Nanofluid Gear Oil Coolant with nanofluid technology, is said to greatly improve transmission and differential gear cooling.

The Cool-X additive adds carbon nanoparticles to the oil, cooling the transmission by improving the thermal performance of the oil. Gearbox and transmission oil temperatures have been shown to be reduced by 15o –  40oF.

The lower oil temperatures reduce the oxidation rate and slows oil breakdown, typically doubling oil life and protecting the gearbox from damage.

How does it work? Oil is a natural insulator with a high heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. In a typical gearbox, transmission or differential, the heat generated by the friction of gears spinning and engaging is trapped in the oil.

With little air circulation and only limited metal to oil surface area to shed the heat, ATF and gear oil temperatures keep rising when under heavy load.

With Cool-X added, billions of carbon nanoparticles, with a huge surface area and 10,000 times the thermal conductivity of oil, absorb heat and carry it through the oil, speeding heat transfer between the oil and the metal surfaces of the gearbox. The heat then radiates away, cooling the oil.

The carbon nanoparticles themselves are inert and do not break down, and are small enough so that filters won’t clog and the viscosity of the oil is unchanged.

Cool-X will be available in formulations for ATF, MTF, and 75/90 gear oils.

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