High-output alternators

Wrangler NW high-output alternators

The most important modification you can make to your pickup is to add our high-output alternator, since many stock pickup alternators produce only about 80 amps to 120 amps of power and require about three-fourths of that to run the vehicle.

Wrangler NW Power Products’ high-output alternators (up to 305 amp) take up where OEMs take a break.

Our high-output alterantors are custom built to deliver higher output at idle than other alternators and feature:

  • Hand-wound stator windings that are heavy-gauge wire with 200°C slot insulation
  • Precision balanced and aligned rotor
  • Carbon composite brushes with heavy-gauge wire leads
  • Over-sized bearings packed with high-temp lube that withstands extreme belt loads and temperature build-up
  • Diodes on heat sinks to rapidly dissipate heat and operate coolly
  • All the necessary hardware of the highest level appropriate to resist torque and torsional stresses.

Almost all Wrangler NW high-output alternators are a direct bolt-for-bolt replacement for OEM alternators. Contact: Wrangler NW Power Power Products, 800-962-2616