Fuel tank senders

Livorsi electronic tank senders

Livorsi Automotive’s electronic sender ideal for contractors who need to keep a close eye on fuel, refuel and water tank levels.

This easy-to-install SFW sender is constructed to meet and/or exceed all applicable ISO standards.

Livorsi’s  fuel/water sender uses the SAE 5 hole pattern; constructed of 316 stainless steel and fully insulated to protect against voltage inside the tank.

The float is the only moving part of the sensor minimizing mechanical failure because fluid level measurement is achieved by a series of reed switches positioned inside the level tube.

As the float moves past the tube’s built-in magnets the reed relays are triggered, generating a potential – free resistance with an ohm value that increases or decreases. Resistance output is fully customizable and there is no calibration required.

Senders range in length from 9 – to 36 inches and with prices ranging  from $49-$69.

Contact: Livorsi Automotive at 847.752.2700.