Heavy Duty Alternators

Bosch H.D. Alterantors

Bosch is making a name for itself by offering high-quality,high-performance alternatives to some of the otherwise cheap junk being sold in the automotive aftermarket – windshield wiper blades and extended drain oil filters being two recent examples.

And if any of you have ever had a cheap aftermarket alternator wig out on you, you’ll appreciate Bosch’s new Long Haul Extreme alternator.

The new brushless alternator comes in 170- and 200-amp versions that have higher charge rates at lower engine rpms to prolong battery life by reducing deep cycling.

Dual internal cooling fans optimized for maximum airflow keep the juice flowing strong in high-heat environments.

The Long Haul alternators operate at up to 74 percent efficiency vs. conventional alternators that only eke out a measly 55 percent.

Every Long Haul Alternator is a new unit, 100-percent factory-tested to ensure top performance and reliability. And its ability to replace over 220 different OE alternators with one Bosch part number means reduced inventory and no core handling for fleets and distributors alike.