Logbook: A bit of everything

Logbook: 8,398

Just topped off the tank and added 3 gallons of Valvoline DEF. Didn’t know what DEF was when the warning came on the dash information display and said there was 278 miles remaining.

Kind of unsettling the first time that happens. Now I know what the little blue cap is next to the diesel fill.

Fuel economy is up a little – 12.7mpg. Tail wind helps.

Hit snow, fog, sleet, rain and a dust storm so far on the drive. Never had to use 4wd. But did turn on the warning lights for a few minutes in the dust storm. The strobes made it  looklike a flashing Christmas tree.

Had some people pull up along side the truck and take my picture at the truck stop; guess they thought I was Kenny Rogers by the way they said they liked my latest video. So I just waved and smiled.

Still likin’ this truck, man. — Jimmy Hardy, driver