Edge Products Releases EvoHT Hand Held Programmer

Edge Products Hand Held Programmer

Edge Products, a company known for consistently raising the bar on truck performance programming continues the trend with the launch of the EvoHT, a high quality hand held programmer for use with late model Dodge, Ford, and Chevy gas and diesel trucks and SUVs.

The EvoHT is a simple way to quickly upgrade a truck’s horsepower, torque, towing capacity, fuel economy, and shift points in a matter of seconds.  The palm sized device plugs into the truck’s OBDII port.  The user simply inputs the power levels and programming parameters using the button interface on the HT device.  Once the programming is complete, the vehicle is enhanced, and the device can be unplugged and stored until the next use.

The EvoHT features advanced tuning possibilities for more even more transmission tuning and extra applications designed to enhance performance in congruence with other aftermarket products such as cold air intakes.  These tunes vary by vehicle and are available for purchase on Edge’s internet update software specifically designed for the HT.

Powerteq President Dave Martinez is excited to offer an extraordinary driving experience to a whole new group of customers with the EvoHT.  “We wanted to provide a quick and affordable way to enhance a vehicle’s performance with Edge’s quality tunes for customers both new and/or experienced with aftermarket programmers.” Martinez said.

An exclusive rebate featuring a discount on Edge’s popular Insight CS/CTS monitor will accompany all EvoHT products.  The rebate is for customers who might be interested in monitoring key engine parameters with the  digital gauge package offered by the Insight.  The EvoHT coupled with the Insight rebate, creates an incredible package that is right in line pricewise with Edge’s premium Evolution Programmer.

Edge Products is a brand of Powerteq, an MSDP Company, and manufactures a full line of plug-in modules, programmers, and in-cab controllers for all popular late-model domestic trucks, and SUVs.  For more information, contact Edge Products, 1080 S. Depot Dr., Ogden, UT 84404; call 888-360-3343 or, 801-476-3343; fax 801-476-3348; or visit www.edgeproducts.com.