BOLT retrofit toolbox handles

BLT Retroift Tollbox Handles

Use your pickup’s igniton key to unlock your truck — and all your toolboxes.

The BOLT Toolbox Handle Retrofit Kit works with DeeZee(r), Delta(r) and UWS Truck Accessories brand toolboxes featuring a paddle-style handle.

“We worked with the existing handle manufacturer’s to design a custom replacement handle that incorporates our automotive-grade BOLT lock cylinder,” said Erika Garcia, sales manager for BOLT.

“Our retrofit kit is made from stainless steel construction and provides a leak-proof lock just like the original equipment handle, so you know you’re getting a high-quality product that will not only protect your gear, but will add convenience by getting rid of those easy-to-lose toolbox keys.”

The BOLT Toolbox Handle Retrofit Kit can be purchased and installed through your local truck accessory store or do it yourself following the detailed instructions that are easy for knowledgeable DIYers to follow.

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