Project Super Crew goes to Vegas

Project Super Crew Continues Tour

Project Super Crew continues its tour of automotive and trade shows at the largest automotive aftermarket show in the world – SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association). 

Held each year in Las Vegas, the SEMA show features hundreds of highly modified vehicles. 

Whether you want to make a fast car faster, restore a classic car or rock a sound system that will wake the neighboring county, SEMA is the place to see it first. 

Buyers and owners of specialty shops, 4Ă—4 shops, vehicle upfitters, and a variety other retail and e-tail outlets are here to get the newest parts on order and into your hands. 

SEMA attendees check out Project Super Crew in the ProPickup booth.


We come here each year to see what’s available for upgrading our pickups. 

Everything from power adders to suspension improvemen to cargo management systems can be found among the thousands of exhibits. 

The manufacturers are here and we’re here to see what they’ve brought that we can use on pickups for work and play.