Logbook: Brake upgrade

Logbook: 5963.6 miles  

Baby’s got new brakes.

EBC Brakes sent us their brand new offering for the heavy duty pickup market; slotted sport rotors and Yellow Stuff brake pads. Easy upgrade for anyone shop savvy with brake repairs.

Stopping power noticeably better than OEM.

Will probably be feel braking difference when it comes to fade towing trailers and running twisty roads and mountain passes.

I tend to think the slotted/drilled rotors will also provide better wet braking and over those muddy roads.

They say the EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads are far better than OEM as well..so we have both working together to bring the Super Crew to a halt in a hurry if needed.

We are driving the truck from Tuscaloosa to Las Vegas later this week to be in the SEMA Show.

The brakes will get a test on that drive.– Bruce Smith / Editor