DBA 4×4 Survival Series rotors

DBA Survival Series Rotors; serious brakes for serious use

Tough, powerful & supremely capable. Those are the key attributes of the new DBA Survival Series disc brake rotors designed specifically for full-size pickups and SUVs used for work and recreational pursuits.

Disc Brakes Australia is an Australian-owned manufacturer of high performance disc rotors and the 4×4 Survival Series is their latest technological advancement for pickups.

The new rotor’s heat-dissipating Kangaroo Paw design is engineered for those larger and heavier vehicles likely to be towing and hauling heavier loads – like those pickups found at construction job sites and building projects.

The ”Kangaroo Paw” design features a series of 144 diamond- and tear drop-shaped pillars and columns individually spaced between the rotor faces.

This system provides two key advantages over other vented brake rotors:

First, is the ability to cool the rotor faster than ever before. As the disc rotor rotates, aerodynamic turbulence around the individual pillars and columns is generated, increasing the force of hot air out from within the internal areas of the rotor.

Second is increased dimensional stability across the disc rotor directly achieved by the individually spaced pillars and columns.

These advantages increase the disc rotor’s efficiency by as much as 20% when compared to conventional rotor designs.

A 20% increase in disc rotor efficiency directly translates to reduced brake operating temperatures, brake fade, disc rotor stresses, disc thickness variation, run-out and shudder.

All Survival Series rotors also benefit from DBA’s “Longlife Slotted” design. The rotors are manufactured to QS-9000 quality standards using premium grade materials with a high iron content and dense metal matrix resulting in long wear and safe, consistent stopping power.

  • Unidirectional slotting (left and right) increases pad bite, reduces fade and delivers exceptional braking performance.
  • Slots continually de-glaze the brake pads improving efficiency and reducing rotor scoring.
  • Slots even out wear across the brake pad faces, increasing the effective contact area and extending rotor life.
  • Slots help dissipate water when driving in poor weather, as well as pump away dust and dirt.
  • Slotting also combats “out-gassing,” where gas (from the pad bonding agents) can form a cushion between pad and rotor, greatly reducing braking power.
  • Gun-metal grey paint provides better corrosion protection on non-friction surfaces.
  • Slotting rapidly clears friction gases and reduces the chance of brake-fade, particularly when towing or under heavy load
  • Reduces glazing of brake pad, while maintaining a clean and even pad surface.
  • Suitable for towing and heavy loads.