J.W. Speaker Corporation high intensity LED driving light.

J.W. Speaker Corporation has just released the TS3000, a new high intensity LED driving light.

Germantown, WI October 10, 2011 – J.W. Speaker Corporation has just released the TS3000, a new high intensity LED driving light that combines all of the advantages of LED with a robust package of high-tech optics, state-of-the-art electronics, and a rugged die-cast housing to create the ultimate off-road driving light. Given the multitude of driving lights out on the market, what makes the TS3000 different?

Superior Illumination

The TS3000 LED driving light delivers a crisp, long range white light that pierces the darkness and is available in one of two different beam patterns. The pencil beam is a tighter version of the traditional spotlight which provides a powerful “punch” straight ahead. The driving beam provides a wider pattern than the pencil beam, while at the same time not sacrificing any of the punch.

Rugged Durability

It is common knowledge that bulb-based technologies don’t last particularly long when subjected to shock & vibration. Conversely, the TS3000’s solid state technology has no breakable bulbs, fragile filaments, or sensitive electrodes. A heavy duty die-cast housing lends additional protection, making the TS3000 one of the most durable driving lights available.

Unmatched Longevity

Even under ideal conditions, traditional lights require bulb replacements. The time between replacements may vary, but many bulbs burn out after 1,000 hours or so. The TS3000, on the other hand, provides 50,000 hours or more of continuous high intensity light and requires zero maintenance.

Additional information on the Model TS3000 LED driving light can be found on the J.W. Speaker Corporation’s website: www.jwspeaker.com.

J.W. Speaker Corporation specializes in the custom design and manufacture of vehicle lighting systems for OEMs and aftermarket applications.  For more information, contact J. W. Speaker Corporation at 1-800-558-7288 or [email protected].