WESTERN, FISHER® and BLIZZARD®, carry lines of adjustable-wing snowplows

The newest category in snowplowing technology is taking the industry by storm

MILWAUKEE (October 4, 2011) – In the never-ending quest for greater efficiency, snowplows have evolved from simple straight blades, to multi-position v-blades, to the latest addition to the industry – adjustable-wing snowplows.

Adjustable-wing snowplows allow operators to put the snowplow into the most efficient positions needed to get the job done. In narrow areas, like drive-throughs or parking lots full with cars, an adjustable-wing snowplow can be used as a compact straight blade. In large, wide-open areas, the wings can be expanded to provide a larger plowing path. When plowing with the blade angled, the leading wing can be angled inward to direct snow right to the heart of the blade, eliminating “spill off” that can occur with a normal straight blade or V-plow. Adjustable-wing snowplows can also be put into “scoop” position, with both wings angled inward, to give the operator the ability to effectively contain snow. Adjustable-wing snowplows in scoop mode can also fully angle right and left, to help control spill-off and reduce clean-up time.

With the breadth of available plowing positions, snow plowers report up to 50% more efficiency when compared to straight blades and up to 30% more efficiency when compared to V-plows. Kale Christman, of The Ground Specialists in Valparaiso, Ind., says that his adjustable wing snowplow, a WESTERN® WIDE-OUT™, has greatly increased his efficiency. “Because of the type of properties that we plow, and because the WIDE-OUT is able to contain so much more snow, we’re not going back and forth as much. I guarantee that I can plow twice as fast.” He continues, “Where we used to send two trucks with a V-plow and a straight blade, now one truck with a WIDE-OUT can do it all.”

Three of the leading snowplow manufacturers, WESTERN, FISHER® and BLIZZARD®, carry lines of adjustable-wing snowplows. To learn more about adjustable-wing plowing technology, visit the WIDE-OUT™ page onwesternplows.com, the XLS™ page onfisherplows.com or the POWER PLOW™ page onblizzardplows.com.