Backbone heavy-duty stud bars

Backbone introduces new heavy-duty stud bars

Seattle, WA Oct.6, 2011 – Backbone Industries, a new U.S. manufacturer of high-end aluminum truck racks, headache racks, bed rails, and accessories announced the official debut of their latest product, STUD BARS.

Working in conjunction with BACKBONE’s  customizable aluminum truck rack STUD BARS provide  extra tie-down points and load security.

“ The Stud Bars are a functional piece that is both solid, and aesthetically pleasing,” said Peter Andonian, Backbone’s president and CEO. “No matter how large or small, each component of a BACKBONE rack has to have equal parts art and utility.”

The STUD BARS, which are no exception, are fashioned from a solid bar of 2” hexagonal aluminum, which is then drilled, milled, and finally tig welded into place. Their “quadrahole” design allows for multiple tie-down points, while their solid structure and angular shape helps keep loads completely secure.

The custom options BACKBONE offers also allow owners to tailor the rack to their individual tastes. “In western society, custom is king.” said Backbone’s vice-president, Kristina Andonian. “Now, truck owner’s can get the utility, without having to sacrifice their individuality.”