Hellwig Products

Hellwig Products

Lifted Sway Bars brings added control to body roll on our 2011 F-250 Project Super Crew

Hellwig Products is well-known in the street performance, RV and towing communities for superior load-control and vehicle sway-control systems.

They are also gaining a stellar reputation in the off-road world for their anti-sway control systems designed specifically for pickups and SUVS that have lift kits.  

We installed their newest sway-control system under our 2011 Ford F-250 Crew Cab 4Ă—4, which is sitting on a 4-inch BDS 4-link suspension.

Hellwig Products’ Lifted Sway Bar kit has adjustable end-links so it can be adjusted to fit any application from jobsite use to weekend recreational needs — on road and off-pavement.

Here’s what the kit brings to lifted 4×4 pickups used in the field:

  • Reduces Body roll so you have better vehicle control
  • Greatly improved cornering & traction for safer driving
  • Distributes traction evenly
  • Designed to handle high degrees of articulation
  • Specially designed polyurethane bushings
  • Heat treated & hot formed 4140 chromoly steel for extra strength & durability