Super Crew at the Z


October 8, 2011

The truck has been on display here at the “Z” (ZMax Dragway, Concord, NC) since Friday morning as part of the Randall-Reilly Diesel Super Show.

Lots of folks stopping by to register to win it…and to see what we’ve done first-hand like.

Decided it’d sat long enough, so took it out on the track to make a pass in the diesel pickup drags.

Ran strong–but lost to a Chevy Dually. Of course the guy in the other lane was running light while the Super Crew was packing an extra 1,500 pounds in equipment.

Still, I gave him a run for his money with our ol’ work truck. Got to love diesel drag racing!

Wish we had a video to post…anyone have one of us at the Z?

Wait until we get the Hypertech chip next week…that’ll change the outcome 🙂  — Bruce Smith/Editor