DU-HA's underseat storage for pickups

If the back seat in your truck is an absolute mess or just needs a little organization, you’ll love the DU-HA.

This patented storage unit, manufactured by DU-HA, fits under the back seat in all makes of pickup trucks and creates a hidden storage area where you can store your gear safely out of sight.

What makes the DU-HA unique is its removable organizer/gun rack inserts. The gun rack feature of the inserts makes the DU-HA a legal gun case in most states. This particular model will hold 2 rifles with scopes, 2 shotguns, or one of each, securely in the upright position. The organizer aspect of the inserts allows you to create compartments within the DU-HA, allowing you to organize your gear and keep your items separate from each other.

Outdoorsmen will really appreciate having a place to store their hunting gear, rifles, and shotguns inside the cab of their truck without worrying about their gear and guns getting damaged sliding around the back seat.

The storage unit is both heavy duty and virtually indestructible, yet it installs easily in a matter of minutes. It also comes in matching interior colors so it blends in seamlessly with your interior.

The DU-HA underseat storage unit is $199.95.

Other models are also available for a variety of full size trucks, with prices ranging from $179.95-$199.95. For more information, or to find a dealer near you, visit www.du-ha.com, or call 866-306-3842.