Dolly app connects idle trucks & vans to P&D and moving jobs

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Idle pickups, vans and box trucks don’t make money.

Enter Dolly. The Uber-like app connects truck and van owners with people who need to move stuff.

Dolly uses a 7-step screening process to find helpers (people with pickups, trucks and cargo vans) and hands (people who have a car to drive to job sites to help move things).

Approved helpers and hands are then connected to jobs through the Dolly app. Helpers make $30 an hour or more and hands pull in at least $15 an hour. Both set their own hours and are paid on a weekly basis.

Dollys come with $300 worth of damage protection (there are exceptions) and coverage can be increased by the user through the app in $100 increments ($1 per each $100 uptick of coverage) up to $10,000 per Dolly.

Jobs are meted out based on performance—the better the evaluations from customers, the more Dollys, or work, a helper will get.

Dolly also partners with businesses that need help with deliveries. Check out the video below to learn more.

Dolly Truck Rental On Demand