Tanker truck fire burns for hours

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Updated Jan 3, 2019

An SUV driver has been blamed for a tanker truck collision that resulted in an intense fire that burned for hours today in Belgrade, Maine.

Both the truck driver and the 74-year-old driver of the SUV received minor injuries. State police report that the SUV pulled out in front of the truck at an intersection along Route 27. The force of the impact overturned the tanker. The driver was pulled from the truck just as it caught fire. The SUV driver was cited for careless driving.

Fire officials let the truck burn for hours to help prevent roughly 9,500 gallons of diesel, gasoline and heating oil from seeping into the ground, according to wgme.com. Witnesses reported hearing explosions and seeing flames and smoke for miles around. The intense heat of the fire melted the side of a post office nearby.