Florida trooper hit by car after pushing bystander out of harm’s way

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Updated Dec 5, 2018

We’ve seen it far too many times with tow truck drivers and other highway workers and now we’re seeing it once again after footage was released showing a trooper in Florida getting struck by a car while responding to an accident.

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Mithil Patel, 31, is reportedly in good condition at a local hospital after an Audi side-swiped him and sent him airborne Monday as he was investigating an accident on Interstate 95 north of West Palm Beach. Patel is shown in the video below pushing a man out of the path of the car just a moment before being struck himself.

“If he wasn’t there, if the officer wasn’t there, I’d be dead,” sixty-five year old Rony Bottex told wptv.com.

The Audi had stopped for the accident that Patel was investigating when a truck struck it from behind and launched it towards Patel and Bottex. Florida law requires drivers on two or more lane roads to move over or slow down at least 20mph below the posted speed limit when approaching an accident. FHP has not released information on the truck driver.