New Class 4 electric eyes 2020 commercial debut

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Green fleet solutions provider XPO Sales, Inc., has partnered with clean-tech startup CityFreighter on the development and deployment of a Class 4 final-mile electric delivery truck.

The prototype CF1 truck will be presented mid-next year 2019 with delivery of 100 commercial units planned for early 2020.

“Electric vehicles should be attractive and built in a user-oriented way,” says Michael Schoening, president of CityFreighter Inc. â€śI am convinced that the  CF1 will set new standards in the industry ”

City Freighter Interior

The companies say the CF 1 has been developed as a fully electric, front-drive vehicle truck that uses multiple weight reducing features like a low-weight cargo box.  The truck has been designed specifically for last mile operations with a range of 100 miles and can be charged overnight at the lot with fast charging as an option.

CF1 features a newly-configured, driver-friendly cockpit design and unique features like digital mirrors and a keyless truck operating system.

Payload capacity will be 2.5 tons and with a minimum of 706 cubic feet, all in a low-floor cargo area access design.  The low-loading level will be at around 18-inches and the rear axle will be equipped with an electric air suspension, eliminating the need for an electric lift system while reducing loading/unloading times and lessening driver strain.

“We believe that the CF1 will be a game changer in the industry,” says XPO Sales Inc., CEO Remo Weber. “We are striving to convert all our fleets into full electric. The CF1  will be a key product for our strategy of focusing strongly on the logistics industry.”