Truck loses chicken waste in North Carolina on I-40

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Updated Nov 21, 2018

Liquified chicken waste flew out of a truck today in North Carolina leaving behind a filthy, foul-smelling mess that caused traffic delays on Interstate 40 near Connelly Springs.

A first responder who had been near Exit 116 at the time of the accident was knocked down by the putrid sludge.

“I didn’t see it,” Lenoir Houston, a member of accident response team Burke REACT, told “It knocked me down like this. I was reaching here, like this, and when it hit me, it just knocked me down.”

The unforgettable filth also ended up inside Houston’s car.

The truck driver that had been hauling the waste had slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting other vehicles that had stopped for another accident. That’s when the poop went flying. An ambulance, fire truck and other vehicles were doused in soupy chicken dung that had been en route to a facility where it was to be processed into fertilizer.