White House, DOT issue thanks to truckers

As part of National Truck Driver Appreciation week ongoing this week, President Donald Trump via a White House statement and Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao have applauded truck drivers and thanked them for the work they do.

“The American trucking industry and its drivers advance our economy and provide many Americans a path to a good living in service of others. These men and women work day and night, through the harshest conditions, and endure long periods away from their loved ones to fulfill their task safely and effectively. In the aftermath of disasters, American truckers deliver life-saving supplies, lend a helping hand to communities in need, and assist in the rebuilding of cities,” said the White House in a statement.

It added that it “remains committed to supporting” trucking by trying to increase infrastructure funding.

Chao echoed the White House’s remarks, noting that millions of people will be “especially grateful” for drivers’ work this week as a Category 4 hurricane bears down on the East Coast. “When a disaster causes store shelves to empty, gas pumps to shut off and electrical grids to shut down, America’s truck drivers bring in the supplies that save lives, provide comfort and allow people to rebuild.  So we should all be even more appreciative than usual this week for their hard work and professionalism.  And let’s wish these men and women safe travel and help them out by operating our own vehicles in a safer manner in proximity to large trucks.”

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an initiative spearheaded by the American Trucking Associations. ATA this week said that “thousands of trucking companies, manufacturers, producers and industry suppliers are acknowledging the contributions of truck drivers this week by hosting cook outs, doing giveaways, honoring safety achievements, announcing new incentive programs, and inviting friends and family to participate in the festivities.”