Dashcam: Tanker truck filled with gas snaps power pole in half

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Updated May 7, 2018

Police in Massachusetts released footage of a tanker truck snapping a power pole like a twig and sending sparks flying.

Video shows the VoltaOil truck filled with 12,000 gallons of gas drifting across a road in Bourne and slamming into a power pole which snaps in half and explodes like a Roman candle.

The 63-year-old truck driver told police that a bird had flown into his cab causing him to swerve. However, police said dashcam video from another motorist tells a different story.

“After viewing this very high quality dash cam taken by another motorists, officers were unable to confirm the operator’s account of the accident, observing the vehicle did not swerve and instead slowly travelled across multiple lanes without braking,” Bourne police reported on their Facebook page. “The operator was cited for Failure to Stay Within Marked Lanes and Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle.”