Dashcam: Plastic flies off semi on highway & covers SUV

Quimby Mug Bayou Florida Headshot

Just today, while driving southbound to Orlando on Interstate 75, I saw a long ribbon of plastic whipping around off the back of a flatbed.

It looked more like an eight-foot long kite tail (plastic stretch wrap had come loose from a pallet). Three Florida troopers parked nearby didn’t even think it was worthy of chasing down.

However, a Minnesota trooper watched a huge sheet of plastic fly off a flatbed last week and envelop an SUV behind it on Highway 52 in Inver Grove Heights.

We’re just thankful that no one got hurt, including the patrolman who stopped to help. The driver said that he had slowed down because he knew he was about to get covered in plastic.

“Another reminder why it’s so important to keep your eyes on the road and off of your phone,” Minnesota State Patrol writes in their Facebook post. “It’s also important to secure objects in a truck or trailer to avoid a potentially deadly situation.”