International unveils LoneStar updates

International Lonestar RegionalInternational Truck today announced major enhancements to its retro flagship truck LoneStar during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

“As we honor the more than 3.5 million professional truck drivers across America during National Driver Appreciation Week, it is fitting that we are unveiling the beloved American classic, the LoneStar with interior updates that maximize driver productivity and improve driver ergonomics and visibility,” said Michael Cancelliere, president, Truck and Parts, Navistar. “The LoneStar is a flagship product for International and not only is it a beautifully designed truck, it represents the best in driver pride and vehicle uptime.”

International reports that LoneStar’s “striking, aerodynamic appearance and breakthrough functional innovations inside and out” are the result of the company’s DriverFirst design philosophy.

International calls LoneStar a Class 8 “Advanced Classics” design in which technology and innovative styling converge with next-generation aerodynamic design to deliver superior fuel efficiency. With LoneStar, Internatonal also aspires for a higher standard for comfort through improved ergonomics and a quiet cab.

“Over the past decade drivers have come to love the iconic status of the LoneStar tractor’s exterior styling and appearance with the distinctive grille and sloped hood that were inspired by International’s D-Series trucks,” said Dave Majors, vice president, product development, Navistar. “Based on this feedback, we wanted to incorporate much of what we’ve recently learned from drivers and focus our engineering on an all new driver-centric interior while maintaining the iconic exterior look of the truck. As a result, we’ve made major improvements to the LoneStar in vehicle uptime performance and multiple new and improved features that enhance driver appeal.”

International Lone Star DaycabBuilt for Maximum Uptime

The LoneStar was designed with the goal of best-in-class uptime with new features that improve reliability and serviceability, as well as functionality.

  • The new single-canister aftertreatment system is not just 60 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter, but is also simplified for quicker servicing.
  • The cab wiring includes all-new harnessing and an in-cab power distribution module that is inside the truck, away from the elements.
  • All key service points under the hood, inside the cab and around the vehicle are ergonomically designed for easy access and servicing, and many components have been engineered with longer intervals between required maintenance.
  • The all-new HVAC system is designed to deliver outstanding comfort and visibility. International reports that it’s more robust and reliable and that drivers will be impressed by the quick defrost functionality. During testing at a frigid 0°F, International reports that LoneStar’s best-in-class MAX defrost cleared 100 percent of the windshield in under 30 minutes from start-up.

Fuel efficiency has increased three percent over the previous generation thanks to the addition of the Cummins X15 engine, the contoured hood, fenders and new aerodynamic pedestal mirrors. LoneStar is available in specialized ratings to dial in the ideal balance of performance and efficiency required for any on-highway operation.

LoneStar was engineered to make it easier to get maintenance and get back on the road fast. International dealers with expert technicians and extensive parts inventories are located throughout North America.

Every LoneStar can be equipped as an option with OnCommand Connection, the company’s remote diagnostics system and Over-the-air (OTA) programming. OTA, available through the nine-pin International LINK device, enables drivers or fleet managers to utilize a mobile interface to initiate authorized engine programming at the customer’s facility over a safe, secure Wi-Fi Connection. The service offers drivers and fleets an easy, secure means of updating engine control modules to reflect the latest manufacturer-approved calibrations, without the necessity of visiting a dealer or other service facility.

Family ShotBold styling intended to make a statement

“As a signal of our continued success in the Class 8 on-highway segment we thought it was critical to bring smart features that are all about optimizing uptime and enhancing driver appeal to the bold and stylish design of the LoneStar,” said Cancelliere. “The LoneStar rounds out our Class 8 on-highway portfolio updates and positions us well to be competitive in the market with a truck that we know drivers love to drive.”

In a class of its own, the LoneStar is an ‘advanced classic’ that combines one of the most recognizable grille shapes in the trucking industry with classic exterior styling that gives owners and operators the flexibility to add lighting options to the large, chrome external air cleaners that are standard while also giving their truck a unique feel with optional full running light packages.

Diamond interiorDiamond interior

Best-in-Class Driver Features

“Now more than ever, driver retention is one of the top concerns among fleets both large and small,” said Majors. “Therefore, enhancing the LoneStar at this time with critical driver-centric updates gives fleet operators and owners an additional tool to reward and retain drivers.”

The LoneStar was engineered with International’s DriverFirst philosophy which actively asked for driver input on how to improve the interior design of its trucks to better meet the needs of drivers who spend countless hours in the driver seat and cab. As a result, the LoneStar features an all new ergonomically designed interior with new digital information display, a new integrated stalk shifter integrating transmission and engine brake functionality, durable and easy to clean soft touch vinyl interior, and stylish diamond interior is standard.

Drivers will notice that the doors, side glass and cab mirrors have all been redesigned to enhance visibility and ultimately helping to reduce neck strain and fatigue over the long haul.

Central to the advances of the International LoneStar are advanced driver assistance systems that support safety and efficiency goals and pave the way for additional customer-selected options. LoneStar comes with Bendix Wingman Advanced Collision Mitigation system standard and is also available with the optional Bendix Wingman Fusion. Additional safety features include improved side visibility and RollTek seats which, according to International, make LoneStar one of the safest trucks on the road.

LoneStar is available in a variety of specifications: Day Cab, 56-inch Low Roof Sleeper; 56-inch Hi-Rise Sleeper; 73-inch Hi-Rise Sleeper, and 73-inch Sky-Rise Sleeper. The company is taking orders today and will begin bringing the trucks to market in December 2017. For more information visit