Terrorist van attacks lead Britain to crack down on rental industry

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Updated Aug 23, 2017

Following the recent attacks in Spain where terrorists drove rental vans to mow down and kill 14 civilians, Britain announced that it’s pursuing policies to prevent extremists there from renting vehicles.

Sunday’s announcement follows similar deadly attacks in Britain.

“The threat from terrorism is changing and so must our response.  That is why we are reviewing our counter-terrorism strategy and powers and why we have put extra resources into counter-terrorism,” a statement from the U.K. Department of Transport reads on the Home Office media blog.

“The Department for Transport is also working with the police and the vehicle rental industry to explore what more can be done to prevent the malicious use of hire vehicles. This includes looking at what more rental companies could do before an individual can hire a vehicle,” the statement continues.

“We have also been working to improve protection in public spaces, including increased physical security measures at locations such as bridges and city centres, and will continue to explore every option.

“At the same time people should not be afraid to go about their daily lives.  We ask that people remain alert but not alarmed and report anything suspicious to the police.”

So far this year in Europe, terrorists have used vehicles—mostly trucks and vans—on eight separate occasions to attack unsuspecting civilians, according to The Telegraph, a U.K.-based paper. Hundreds have been killed and injured.