Terrorist barrier crash test leaves truck driver seriously injured

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Updated Jun 1, 2017
No, that’s not a crash-test dummy behind the wheel.No, that’s not a crash-test dummy behind the wheel.

Place this next video in the ‘What were they thinking?’ file.

A concrete barrier designed to stop terrorists from using trucks and other vehicles from ramming crowds underwent a dangerous crash test in Fürstenhagen, Germany recently which left one man seriously injured.

German television news program Brisant reported that a 48-year-old man had to be hospitalized earlier this month after driving a cab-over truck into a concrete barrier built by an entrepreneur who’s hoping to prevent future truck-based terrorist attacks like those carried out in Nice, France and the Christmas market in Berlin.

Brisant reported that the crash test was illegal since it was not officially registered. Though the man was later released from the hospital, he’s still required to undergo treatment for his injuries.