Arson destroys trucks in Maine, Oklahoma

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Updated Apr 4, 2017

Separate arson events over the weekend in Maine and Oklahoma left several trucks burned to the ground.

State fire officials in Maine reported that eight tractor-trailers were intentionally set fire Sunday night at two separate R.C. Moore trucking facilities in Poland and Scarborough. No injuries were reported. Six trucks were destroyed and two damaged.

The fires are related and damage is estimated to be around $1 million. A trucker driving near the Poland fire reported the blaze, while a trucker sleeping in his cab at the Scarborough lot alerted authorities to that fire, according to 

“To have two incidents at the same company within minutes apart–I can’t even recall anything remotely similar to what we’re dealing with here,” said Stephen McCausland, public information officer with Maine State Police.

Firefighters prevented the fires from spreading to other trucks which had been parked closely together at both locations. McCausland announced Monday that the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Monday is now assisting in the investigation. Surveillance video from both R.C. Moore locations is being reviewed.

In Tulsa on Saturday, a semi was intentionally burned to the ground, according to firefighters and police. The windshields on two other nearby trucks were badly damaged by cement blocks, according to 

A representative with Jay Rambo Co., where the attacks occurred, said that the trucks were insured and that they would be adding surveillance cameras to their parking lots.