Caltrans seeking truck survey participants for transportation planning

Updated Nov 10, 2016

Caltrans is calling on state freight operators to participate in the Caltrans Truck Survey in an effort to collect data on physical and operational characteristics of commercial vehicles operating in the state.

The data collected will help Caltrans plan and develop projects to improve freight movement in California.

“This data is vital for identifying projects, strategies, and initiatives that can improve the flow of trucks across the state,” said Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty. “Freight movement is critical in terms of jobs and the economy, and I encourage fleet managers to participate in this important opportunity.”

The survey results are expected to yield key insights on the types of trucks operating on California roadways, the types of commodities they are carrying and their travel patterns.

The data will provide critical information to both the California Statewide Freight Forecasting and the California Statewide Travel Demand models. These models are used to help Caltrans evaluate plans and projects that are most beneficial to the environment, economy and transportation network, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The survey is looking to collect data from approximately 14,000 drivers and will be primarily conducted online and over the phone. Approximately 5 percent of surveys for trucks will use on-board global positioning system devices to collect data on trip distance, speed, duration and fuel usage. The devices are sent to participants and returned after one week of data collection.

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