Video released of NACFE aerodynamics press conference

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In case you missed it…

Special thanks to Denise Rondini, communications manager at NACFE, for releasing video of NACFE’s press conference held at ACT Expo this past week. The roughly 8-minute video features Mike Roeth, NACFE executive director, revealing highlights of the non-profit’s latest confidence report on aerodynamics.

The takeaway? By using aerodynamic devices on both day cabs and long-haulers, fleets will lower their fuel costs. And there are plenty of aero device companies to choose from. According to Henry Cheung, air resources engineer in the on-road heavy duty diesel section at the California Air Resources Board, there are now 32 manufacturers producing 95 aero devices–a 540 percent increase from 2008.

ACT Expo 2016 – Trucking Efficiency Releases Confidence Report on Tractor Aerodynamics from GNA on Vimeo.