3D Coors beer trucks turning heads

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Updated Apr 22, 2016

Coors 3 D Truck 1

Coors 3 D Truck 2

A California advertising company announced this week that it’s expanding its venture into 3D advertising by transforming more Coors Light trucks into giant beer cans and scenic renderings of the Rocky Mountains.

“After a meticulous two-month outfitting process in August 2015, TSN Advertising succeeded at creating a dynamic, never-before-seen 3D truck extension,” the TSN team states in its Tuesday press release.

TSN, based in Santa Monica, says that the 3D trucks’ initial 8-month appearances in Southern California have proven so popular that Coors has ordered additional trucks for more runs throughout the summer in Los Angeles and San Diego.

TSN specializes in pairing up its clients with local, large delivery trucks that provide high-visibility ad solutions. By using truck-side ads comprised of the their InfinityWrap technology, TSN reports that companies enjoy billboard-like attention at lower costs.

For the Coors Light project, TSN partnered with a fleet of compatible trucks and a production facility to assist with the 3D creations.

The 3D truck extensions for Coors Light create attention-grabbing scenes in which one truck depicts the Rocky Mountains and the other a giant Coors Light beer can on its side.

“While speaking to some of the drivers, they informed us that there hasn’t been a delivery where this unique ad doesn’t get looks,” TSN reports in its press release.

According to the drivers, people frequently ask about the InfinityWrap and take pictures of the trucks.