American Power Systems adds 60-, 90-amp RMP alternator models

The American Power Systems logo in red, white and blue.

American Power Systems has developed two new lower turn-on RPM alternators. 

The new units, which are 60 and 90 amps, mean users can possibly begin charging secondary power banks at even lower speeds, including factory idle without a high idle kit. This allows vehicles operating under idling ordinances the ability to recharge equipment while idling for a short period of time, allowing them to stay in the field longer. 

"With the addition of these two new lower-turn-on alternators, those needing to rapidly boost secondary power units have even more options," says Amy Lank, American Power Systems president and CEO. "Being able to charge at such a low RPM is a perfect option for those driving at lower speeds in city traffic or sitting still running at factory idle. You don't need to be on the open road to start gaining charge for your battery system." 

American Power says the new models are ideal for a secondary alternator for vehicles with an onboard lithium battery bank system powering onboard equipment. 

The 60- and 90-amp models include 48-volt options for GM/92V secondary mount systems as well as a direct fit for the N62 bracket on 2023 and newer Mercedes Benz Sprinters. The alternators are designed for use only with the APS-500 regulator.