Ford recalling some F-Series models for airbag trouble

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Ford is recalling certain 2023 F-150 and Ford SD F250, F350, F450, F550 and F600 vehicles over a steering wheel clock spring that may have an insufficient weld, causing a loss of electrical connection to the driver's frontal air bag.

The Steering Column Control Module (SCCM) in affected vehicles may contain a clock spring assembly with an insufficient weld between the bus bar and the ribbon cable. The ribbon cable provides connectivity to the driver airbag. An insufficient weld can lead to a disconnection of ribbon cable circuits, resulting in a loss of electrical connection to the driver’s front airbag. As a consequence, the airbag warning light will illuminate and the driver airbag will not deploy when intended.

During the sub-supplier’s manufacturing process, clock spring bus bars may have been washed in isopropyl alcohol contaminated with glycerin. Contamination of bus bars with glycerin may result in an insufficient weld condition between the bus bar and the ribbon cable of the clock spring assembly.

Ford said it reviewed supplier process records to determine the population of affected parts. The Ford process is capable of tracing Steering Column Control Modules with potentially affected clock spring assemblies to the vehicles in which the Steering Column Control Modules are installed.