Benefits of commercial fleet leasing

One of the easiest ways to optimize efficiency and reduce costs for your commercial fleet is to choose a leasing program.

A well-tailored offering will allow you to focus on day-to-day operations while leasing experts handle the responsibility that comes with vehicle maintenance. For a better understanding of incentives to lease your commercial fleet, check out these top reasons: 

  1. Cost savings. A primary benefit of fleet leasing is the potential for cost savings. Instead of purchasing a vehicle outright, leasing allows you to pay only for use over a specific period of time. This can free up capital to be invested in other areas of your business or used to upgrade vehicles when your lease is up.
  1. Regular access to newer vehicles. Leasing allows you to regularly update your fleet. The automotive industry is constantly improving the performance, fuel efficiency, and safety of vehicles, all of which positively impact your company’s image when kept up to date.
  1. Flexibility. Leasing options exist for businesses of all sizes and across many industries. From seasonal needs to long-term leases with custom upfits, choose a leasing partner that is willing to customize an agreement to your needs. Your business will likely change over time, and companies should be able to easily adjust your fleet size by adding or removing vehicles with less hassle than starting the purchasing process from the beginning. 
  1. Controlled maintenance costs. Partnering with a fleet management company allows maintenance expenses to be controlled and simplified. That means less for a fleet manager to worry about when it comes to managing maintenance schedules, dealing with repairs, and all of the paperwork that goes along with it all. Trust that your vehicles are well-maintained and prevent unexpected downtime in the process.
  1. Expertise. Fleet management companies often offer additional services, such as consulting, upfitting, and remarketing. Take advantage of the support that your fleet partner offers to optimize your operation.
  1. Tax benefits. Commercial vehicle loans also come with tax benefits, including the Section 179 tax deduction, which allows businesses to deduct up to 100% of lease payments for the purchasing year.
  1. Fuel Management. Many fleet management companies provide fuel management and fuel card programs as part of their comprehensive services, providing an added benefit of centralizing your operations in one place.
  1. Vehicle Disposal.  Selling vehicles can be overwhelming for a fleet manager, which is why fleet management companies take on this task for clients. They’ll help you get the best price while managing the days to sell at auction. This saves time and resources while using professionals to manage the process and increase your return.

Your fleet plays a crucial role in your commercial operation, so it's vital to consider the points mentioned here while weighing your acquisition options. Leasing offers cost savings, the ability to access the newest vehicles, and streamlined ancillary services, all of which can significantly impact your fleet’s efficiency, total cost of ownership and overall business performance.