On Fighting Radar Guns And Speed Traps

ESCORT Live App More than 22-million “marks” on Escort Live app, including ones by yours truly

Its not often I’m one of those included in some press release statistic.

But when Escort Inc., one of the biggest innovators in radar-detection systems, announced their Escort Live  ticket-protection app passed the 22-million point in “marks,” I can say I was a direct contributor. 

Most of the time I’m observant of speed limits and know the area where I live when it comes to ambush points for officers using radars and lasers.

Others sharing the same road, including out-of-town contractors, might not be so speed conscious or intuitive. 

That’s when I, too, make use of my Escort 8500 radar detector and the company’s cloud-based alert reporting system: One tap on the Escort Live’s power-cord “save” button and the location of the radar is instantly uploaded and live for any other Escort Live subscriber to see.

Escort Live and a Passport 8500 make great driving partners.Escort Live and a Passport 8500 make great driving partners.

Where I find the ESCORT Live™ ticket protection app so cool is when driving outside of my local area. I take the radar detector with me on every trip – and it’s potentially saved me at least a couple tickets at times when I was keeping pace with the flow of traffic. 

I wonder if one of the several “marks” I saved last week when driving around Lincoln, Nebraska, was one that broke Escort Live’s 22-million number? That’d be neat.