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Project Build: SURVEYOR 1

A.R.E. ToolMaster / Surveyor Truck Vault Install

Surveyor 1 benefits from locking cargo management system custom-built for the professional land surveyor


by Bruce W. Smith

Having a strong four-wheel-drive truck to handle the demands of daily work in sometimes demanding environments surveyors face is high priority.

So is having a secure and organized means of cargo management.

Professional surveying equipment is sophisticated, expensive and delicate. It needs to be treated with care and protected like a professional photographer does camera equipment.

There’s also a lot

ARE Truckvault_FB webCustom Truck Vault “Surveyor” insert has a pair of locking slide-out drawers and lots of cubbys.

of it; tripods and bipods, theodolites to transits, GPS equipment to levels, surveying poles to planimeters.

Topper World installs A.R.E. ToolMaster bedcap on Surveyor 1 project Ram.Topper World installs A.R.E. ToolMaster bedcap on Surveyor 1 project Ram.

At the same time there’re shovels, stakes, sledge hammers, brush axes, twine, roll flagging, grade rods, stakes, mag nails, safety vests, boots, and a number of other tools and gear that don’t require any special care.

Each tool has its purpose and each has a place within the surveyor’s truck.

With all that in mind, we wanted Surveyor 1 to have a cargo management system in place so the winner could unlock the bed cap and have everything they needed right at their fingertips.

Safely stored, well organized  and secure.

So we turned to two of the best at each: A.R.E. Truck Caps and Truck Vault.  We combined their cargo management systems into one unit in the bed of our Mobil Delvac 2013 Ram 2500 Crew Cab 4Ă—4.

Weldon Banks, the manager of Topper World in Gulfport, MS, did the installation.

The end result is a professional work station with a pair of locking side storage compartments in the A.R.E. ToolMaster cap.

ToolMaster side compartments have BOLT locks there are keyed to the truck's ignition key. ToolMaster side compartments have BOLT locks there are keyed to the truck’s ignition key.

Open the locked tailgate/Lift hatch and  there’s a pair of bed-length, 70-inch long, 20-inch wide, 10-inch deep carpeted and locking slide-out drawers in the custom-made insert.

Underneath the slide-outs are a variety of bed-length, carpeted cubbies to keep those items that don’t need to be under BOLT lock-and-key that’s matched to the ram’s ignition key.

It’s the perfect fit for a land surveyor.–Pro

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