How To Fix Scratches and Nicks


Five Simple Steps to Repair Chips, Scratches on Vehicles


Fixing a scratch or nick on a car or truck doesn’t need to be time consuming or cost prohibitive.

By following a five simple steps and using the right scratch repair kit, you’ll save time and money making your vehicle look like new again.

  1. Prep Surface outdoors in well ventilated area when temperature is between 60 and 80 degrees. Use a sanding tool to remove any loose or flaky paint and all rust from the chip or scratch. Remove all sanding debris and wash with soap and water. Make sure surface is completely dry and clean before applying primer or color paint.
  1. Prime (if required), applying primer if the chip or scratch is down to bare metal surface. Apply high-build primer using a nib/brush applicator, building up thickness in stages leaving 15 minutes between coats.  After letting the primer harden for 30 minutes, lightly rub down using an abrasive tool designed for this purpose. Sand until the primer is smooth and level. Do not over sand and check frequently.
  1. Apply Color Paint, shaking applicator for 15 seconds. Before applying color, test on an inconspicuous area. Apply several thin coats leaving 15 minutes between coats. Then, let color paint harden for 30 minutes.
  1. Apply Clear Coat, shake applicator for 15 seconds and apply clear coat in several thin coats, slightly overlapping repaired area to ensure full coverage. Allow clear coat to harden 30 minutes before polishing.
  1. Polish by buffing surface to a perfect factory finish, using the fabric side of a special tool designed for this purpose. Let vehicle dry for at least one hour before using.

“The PlastiKote All-in-One Scratch Repair Kit is ideal for fixing scratches, chips or nicks on your car.  Just make sure the vehicle is properly prepared and follow the instructions carefully and you’ll get  ‘The Perfect Finish’ in no time,” says Katie Whiting, product manager, aerosols for Valspar.

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