Ride along in Kenworth's K270E electric box truck

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Kenworth’s class 6 battery electric box truck the K270E was available to test drive at the ACT Expo during the Ride & Drive event. The Kenworth K270E has three battery pack options and its range and charge time make it ideal for local pick-ups and deliveries. This truck is also available in a Class 7 as the K370E.

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Here's everything you need to know about the Kenworth K270E battery electric vehicle. This video was filmed at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo. For more coverage from this show, make sure to subscribe and click the notification bell, so you don't miss another video.

Sean Henebry (00:21):

I'm Sean Henebry. I'm Kenworth's Powertrain marketing manager. So I'm helping launch and support all of our zero-emission vehicles. Right behind me, we have the K270E. It's our class 6 battery electric box truck. We also offer it in a class 7 as a K370E. This one has a Dana Sumo TM4 motor in it. If you go up to the class 7, you get the heavy duty version of that. That gets you up to almost 500 horsepower. We got three battery pack options. This has 141 kilowatt-hour battery pack. We have a 209 kilowatt-hour and a 282. That gives you a hundred miles of range, 150 miles of range, or 200 miles of range. It's about two hours to recharge this one to full.


It's great for pickup and delivery applications. Really that in-city urban environment. Anytime you're queued in traffic, that's where you're really going to see the efficiency gain. It doesn't take much power to run your AC or the radio. And it's great for the noise ordinances because it is super quiet. Really, once the drivers get in it, that's the thing that sells them. It's got great acceleration; it's super quiet; the regen braking is really strong, so that's something that's really going to cut down on your maintenance. So really we think getting people in the truck and driving it is the best selling point of it.


It's loaded up to 26,000 pounds for class 6. Torque is about 2,000 pounds on the class-6 motor, about 2,500 on the class 7. So we have a grant writer, an incentive expert on staff who will help identify those at the state and federal level, what is available for the truck and the user and the fleet size. And then we will help you through the application process. And then we have partners with Schneider Electric and N-Tech Solutions, along with PACCAR Parts to take care of all your infrastructure needs, ranging from the charger itself to the site assessment, the permitting, everything to get you going and get your fleet electrified.

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