Major European refuse truck OEM Dennis Eagle unveils first U.S.-Canadian model

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Updated Apr 26, 2018

Dennis Eagle, a top player in European and Australian refuse truck markets, will soon be rolling out its first waste hauler in the U.S. and Canada.

The company’s ProView cabover, which was unveiled at WasteExpo this week in Las Vegas, attracted plenty of attention as company pros set out to separate themselves from their competitors.

Plenty of height inside the ProView cab, including enough for six-foot, four-inch Joe McCalip, Dennis Eagle technical services manager.Plenty of height inside the ProView cab, including enough for six-foot, four-inch Joe McCalip, Dennis Eagle technical services manager.

“With the Dennis Eagle we offer a true Class 7 and 8 vehicle that is designed for low cab entry for the refuse business,” said Joe McCalip, Dennis Eagle technical services manager. “We offer 120,000-pound tensile strength frame rails. We do not have to double rail our system as other manufacturers have to do because we build the strength into our rail design.”

Class-exclusive, 40,000-lb. tow eyes are configured into the front bumper eliminating the need for a frame rail lift should the truck get stuck.

Class-exclusive break-away cab entry steps release from the chassis and prevent damage to the cab in the event that the truck gets bogged down at the landfill.

“We’re the only ones with that type of configuration in that design,” McCalip said. “Plus, our step configuration is a full seven-and-a-half inches wider than most others. Ours is not only wider but a deeper configuration cab step. If you look at other cabs on other vehicles ours is a much more robust system.”

Eager to demonstrate the headroom inside his company’s ProView cab, McCalip, who stands six-foot, four inches, stood upright inside a nearby demo cab with his head just clearing under the headliner.

McCalip didn’t waste time in pointing out the cab’s other features: “We have the only true walk-through, low-cab entry tunneling system. Ours is a complete hose-out tunnel. You can get dirty and muddy and spray it down with a hose and keep going.”

The stainless steel cab is paired up with aluminum doors. Seats range from one to four. Right-hand, left-hand and dual steer steering packages are available.

A 345-hp Cummins ISL9 powers the ProViewA 345-hp Cummins ISL9 powers the ProView

Power comes from a 345-hp Cummins ISL9 9-liter diesel matched with an Allison 3000 transmission. An Allison 4000 will be offered in the next model along with a compressed natural gas option.

The truck rests on Dana axles and Hendrickson suspension. A 46-degree cramp angle allows for some tight-turns.

“We can basically turn inside of the turn radius of most other vehicles,” McCalip explained. “It’s a very, very tight turn radius.”

The truck, which has passed NHTSA crash impact tests and is also FMCSA compliant, is currently being piloted in Florida, Texas and Minnesota.

“The first models went on trial with customers earlier this year and have been extremely well received, with great feedback from drivers and owners,” said Robert Mecchi, president of Dennis Eagle.

“More are at our various body builders awaiting delivery and, as we will be starting production in early 2019, we are already discussing orders with customers to reserve slots in the program,” Mecchi continued.

Dealer status: Currently working on establishing a dealer base

Axle configuration: 6×4

Wheelbases: 203, 217, 229 and 235 inches

Body partners: Heil, New Way, McNeilus and Pak-Mor

Dennis Eagle headquarters: Warwick, England (parent company is Terberg RosRoca Group)

Dennis Eagle U.S. location: Sarasota, Fla.

U.S. manufacturing location: Fargo, North Dakota

Rollout date: January 2019

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