Trash truck driver keeps driving after striking power lines & leaving over 2K homes in the dark

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Updated Oct 6, 2017

Residents in a Hawaiian neighborhood are upset with a trash truck driver who they say kept on driving after his truck snagged and ripped out power and cable lines running to their homes.

Hawaii Electric reported that over 2,400 homes in Makaha, Oahu lost power for several hours Wednesday after a West Oahu Aggregate garbage truck struck the wires while out collecting trash.

“It was a loud noise and then all you heard was whipping cords because he was driving so fast,” Makaha resident Jasmine Naeole told

Naeole said wires that were ripped out of her home damaged her roof and two of her vehicles as the truck sped down the street dragging the wires behind.

“The truck just took off. He just kept driving with all the wires falling off the back of his truck, so we got out into the street and we’re trying to wave him down. He just was booking it down the street,” Naeole said.

Several residents called out to the driver, but he reportedly kept on driving. Some chased after him and took pictures of the truck, which included the vehicle’s license plate.

Police were contacted and Naeole said she called West Oahu Aggregate who told her that low-lying utility lines were to blame.

“Instead of getting an apology or what can be done to help us now, we’re stuck,” she said.

West Oahu Aggregate did not respond to interview requests.