ALDOT truck seen dragging dead dog on Interstate 20

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Updated Sep 19, 2017

The Alabama Department of Transportation is investigating how one its trucks ended up dragging a dead dog today on Interstate 20 in Birmingham.

A driver who noticed the dog with her 5-year-old son took photos which were later turned over to police.

“They were in the fast lane and I was in the middle lane and they just flew over in front of me,” April Bennett told

Her son spotted the dog, which Bennett believes may have been a German Shepherd. Astonished by what she saw, she began taking pictures with her phone.

“When (the driver) saw me, he pulled off onto First Avenue North,” Bennett said.

Bennett sent the pictures to a friend who then notified police.

ALDOT confirmed that one of their crews came across a dead dog on the interstate. However, it’s unclear how the dog ended up being dragged by the truck.

“The disposal of that dog is being investigated and the appropriate action will be taken once the investigation is complete,” ALDOT spokeswoman Linda Crockett said. “We regret the animal was disposed of in this manner and are taking steps to prevent further occurrences of this nature.

“This is unacceptable and we can assure you that appropriate action will be taken. We very much apologize,” Crocket continued.