Garbage trucks collide, cause power outage at courthouse

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It’s bad enough when one city trash truck is involved in a wreck.

But when two of them crash into one another and cause a power outage at the local courthouse, it’s definitely a bad day.

That was the case in Chicago on Wednesday when two Streets and Sanitation vehicles collided near 31st Street and Drake Avenue in the Little Village neighborhood.

City officials aren’t sure what caused the collision. One driver was injured, but in good condition at the local hospital, according to the Chicago Tribune.

One or maybe even both drivers will undoubtedly need all the sympathy they can get because the collision caused one of the trucks to bring down a 12,000-volt power line and at least two power poles with it. Power was knocked out to about 1,600 customers, including the nearby Cook County criminal courts building.

Judges there had to relocate hearings because the outage brought the elevators to a stand-still.

Adding insult to injury, the truck that struck the power line was left with its rear end sticking up in the air.