Replacement Axle Gear Sets For HD Pickups

Updated Feb 8, 2015
AAM TracRite Helical Differential CaseAAM TracRite Helical Differential Case

AAM 11.5” TracRite Helical Differential Case Available for 
Ram, Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Trucks

AAM, a leading manufacturer of axle components, driveshaft components and repair kits for OE vehicles, has added the TracRite GT helical-gear limited-slip-style differential case to its portfolio.

The new limited-slip, available in both standard and electric-locking models, is made for the 11.5” rear axle used in ¾- and one-ton 2003-2012 Ram and 2001-2011 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra trucks.

Each AAM differential assembly is built to OEM specs because they are the same units made for OEM production use.

The TracRite GT torque bias is proportional to the throttle, providing a smooth application of torque to the wheels.

“Since this differential uses helical gears, there are no clutch plates to wear and no friction additives are needed,” explained Greg Marsh, AAM engineering manager. “The TracRite GT is compatible with ABS, traction and stability control systems.”

Marsh said the TracRite GT provides maximum torque bias without causing a shudder in the vehicle and maintains its torque bias throughout the life of the vehicle.

AAM parts are the same OEM production parts many shops have come to demand when installing replacement parts. AAM parts fit right, install right and perform right the first time. For more information and to find a local distributor,, phone 313-758-4176, or email [email protected].