Extend 2015 Super Duty Diesel Driving Range

TFI _50_GAL_FORD_TANKTransfer Flow’s 50-gallon replacement fuel tanks take Ford SWB and LWB diesels almost twice as far

Increase the fuel capacity and driving range on your 2015 Ford F250/F350 SWB or LWB diesel pickup with a larger replacement fuel tank from Transfer Flow.

For the Ford SWB crew cab pickup, Transfer Flow offers a 50 gallon fuel tank that replaces the stock 26 gallon tank.

For the LWB crew cab and extended cab pickups, a 57 gallon fuel tank that replaces the stock 37.5 gallon tank is available.

The fuel tanks are made from 12 and 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior corrosion resistance and strength, are baffled for extra support and to reduce fuel slosh, and come with new straps and mounting hardware.

The fuel tanks are powder coated black. A high-end polymer spray-on coating for a more durable finish is optional.
For more information on Transfer Flow’s larger replacement fuel tank system, or for a copy of their Aftermarket Fuel Tank Systems catalog, call (530) 893-5209, or visit their website at transferflow.com.